BTS Taehyung Is Now The First Artist In The World To Reach 105 #1 On iTunes

BTS Taehyung is making history.

On July 8, it was reported that Kim Taehyung is the first and only artist in the world to reach 105 #1 on iTunes with ‘Sweet Night’ in 24 hours. He has surpassed Adele with ‘Hello’ (102) and BTS with ‘Black Swan’ (104). Taehyung broke a 5-year record held by Adele in just 3 months with an unpromoted song.

‘Sweet Night’ is Taehyung’s first OST for the popular drama ‘Itaewon Class.’ Taehyung participated in writing, composing, and producing the song, proving once again his talent.

Congratulations to Taehyung!

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