Ahgases Are Protesting Against JYP Entertainment For Mistreating GOT7

The hashtag #FairTreatmentForGOT7 is trending worldwide on twitter.

Ahgases created the hashtag #FairTreatmentForGOT7 to protest against JYP Entertainment for failing to promote GOT7 in the right way. They had even sent a truck in front of the agency, asking for a better treatment of the boys. Actually, fans are protesting against JYP for years, but the company sadly doesn’t want to treat them as the stars they are.

Here is a clip of Yugyeom saying that he saw the truck and he really appreciated it:

More than 11,000 fans answered a survey demanding a fair treatment for GOT7. The result of the survey shows fans’ requests as you can see in the picture below:

If you want to help you can send an Email to JYP Entertainment:

We hope JYP will listen to fans ad start to promote GOT7 better!

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