Kang Daniel Ranked #1 On Idol Chart For 119 Consecutive Weeks In A Row With The Highest Number Of Votes

Singer Kang Daniel #1 again!

According to Idol Chart, Kang Daniel earned the highest number of votes in the fourth week of June. He ranked first with 145,691 votes and 18,787 likes for 119 consecutive weeks in a row.

Following Kang Daniel, BTS Jimin (65,657 votes), BTS V (62,338 votes), Lim Young Woong (59,653 votes) Song Gain (30,550 votes) BTS’ Jungkook (20,818 votes), BTS’ Jin (13,016 votes), etc…

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will hold an online fan meeting “DANITYST” on July 25 to celebrate the first anniversary of his solo debut.

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