GOT7’s Youngjae Calls Out Sasaengs Fans On Instagram

GOT7′Youngjae left an Instagram message to sasaengs fans.

On July 2, Youngjae posted a new image on Twitter with the caption, “If you want to see someone’s life being ruined, upload it and feel it.” In the published picture he wrote, “Please don’t come in front of the hair salon. Also, are you blackmailing me? Secretly taking pics of me having a conversation with another person in the cafe and asking me if you can upload it?”

Fans commented, “Please respect their privacy,” “Leave Youngjae alone. Please,” “Please give him privacy,” “I’m so upset that you’re going through a lot,” and “I’m so sorry this has happened to you oh god.”

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사람 인생 망가지는거 보고싶으면 올리고 느끼세요

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Meanwhile, Youngjae is working as a DJ for ‘Idol Radio.’

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