SUNMI Talks About Her Friendship With Red Velvet Seulgi And CHUNGHA In A New Interview

Singer Sunmi talks about her friendship wiht Red Velvet Seulgi and CHUNGHA.

On July 1, Sunmi appeared as a guest at MBC FM4U’s “MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon Radio.” The singer talked about her comeback with “pporappippam”, revealing that she participated in the lyrics and production of the new song.

When asked about her best friends, Sunmi mentioned Seulgi and Cheongha of Red Velvet, “Seulgi and Chungha texted me as soon as ‘Purple Night’ came out. They said, “Unnie, I’m streaming your song.” AB6IX Daehwi too. He said, “Noona, I’m Streaming like I’m breathing.” Everyone is so nice,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sunmi made her comeback with “Pporappippam” on June 29.

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