Weeekly’s V Live Debut Showcase Was Cancelled Due To A Fire Near The Showcase Hall

Weeekly‘s V Live debut showcase is cancelled.

On June 30, Play M Entertainment announced that Weeekly’s V Live debut showcase was canceled due to a fire breaking out in a building near the showcase venue. The company released a statement on Twitter, “Hello, we’re PlayM Entertainment. Weeekly’s debut showcase V LIVE, which was scheduled for 8 p.m. on the same day, was canceled due to a fire in a building near the concert hall as all the artists and staff were evacuated in a hurry for security reasons. We ask for your understanding and we will notify you of the fire in detail later. Thank you.”

Fans left supportive comments, “I hope all of you are safe,” “It’s okay, we wait.Please take care our artist,” and, “I hope you are all safe !! we love you and will wait for the showcase.”

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