Knetizens In Awe For ITZY’s New Hairstyle For Upcoming Comeback

ITZY‘s showed off their new hairstyles.

On June 23, during Ryujin’s V Live, Yuna showed off her new black hair with shorter bangs, Lia looked adorable with short hair while Ryujin impressed with platinum blonde hair.

Check out some photos below and what knetizens think about their new hairstyles!


“Yuna is cute”

“Lia is so cute. She looks great with short hair. Lovely”

“Yuna finally has black hair ㅠㅠ”

“OMG so cute”

“Protect Ryujin’s scalp ㅠㅠ”

“I love Shin Yuna with black hair”

“In the meantime, Yuna’s waist is handful”

“Yuna really suits the high-teen queen”

“Lia really looks like a baby. I think she’s not 21 years old”

“Everyone is so cute”

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