Kang Daniel Ranked #1 On Idol Chart For 117 Consecutive Weeks In A Row With The Most Votes

Kang Daniel #1 again!

Singer Kang Daniel recorded the highest number of votes for the 117th consecutive week on Idol Chart in the second week of June.  The singer won with 136,464 votes and 17,692 likes!

Following Kang Daniel, BTS Jimin (61,514 votes), BTS V (53,928 votes), Lim Young Woong (47,963 votes) Song Gain (30,882 votes) BTS’ Jungkook (21,385 votes), BTS’ Jin (13,571 votes), etc…

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel enchanted with his first OST “SOMETHING” for SBS Drama “Convenience Store Morning Star”.

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