GFRIEND Yerin And Eunha Show Off Their Lovely Visuals In Latest Photoshoot With ‘Marie Claire’

GFRIEND Yerin and Eunha show off their stunning visuals.

‘Marie Claire’ has just released Yerin and Eunha’s photoshoot for its July issue. In the photos, the girls gave off perfect chemistry wearing street-inspired clothes. In the individual pictures, Yerin wears a lime-colored suit matched with a black baseball cap, while Eunha sports a white t-shirt and black sunglasses.

It’s the first time that Yerin and Eunha have taken a photoshoot together. In the interview after the photoshoot, the two expressed their affection for each other saying, “We have good taste in food and movies,” adding, “We are the other half of each other.”

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GFRIEND will be returning with a new mini-album “回: Song of the Sirens” on July 13.

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