GOT7’s Jinyoung Shows Off His Bright Visual In ‘Hear, Here’ Event

GOT7‘s Jinyoung wows with his beauty.

On June 17, GOT7 posted new photos on Twitter with the message, “JINYOUNG PHOTOBOOK in TAIPEI [HEAR, HERE] CONCEPT STORE in SEOUL 2020.06.17 – 2020.06.30 @ MYEONGDONG YOUNGPLAZA B1.” In the pictures, Jinyoung shows off his bright visual and lovely smile. In particular, he impressed with his warm charm, bright skin, and shiny hair.

Fans left many comments, “So handsome,” “You look so good, Jinyoungie,” “Handsome like a prince,” “You are the Best,” and “The most handsome and intelligent man ever.”

source images: GOT7Official/twitter

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