TWICE Stuns With Their Individual Covers On Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Magazine, Knetz React

TWICE stuns with their beauty.

On June 15, fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar unveiled its July edition with a total of nine individual covers and a group photo of Twice. This is the first solo cover of each of the nine members.

In the pictures, the girls impress with their grace and elegance. Wearing the Spring/Summer and Pre-Fall collection of Louis Vuitton, the members have attracted all attention.


“Mina is so pretty”

“Tzuyu Space Goddess”

“Chaeyoung is intense”

“Everyone is so pretty ㅠㅠ”

“Jeongyeon looks the best in the group shot. I love the photoshoot

“Mina it’s getting prettier these days”

“Chaeyoung is so unique and pretty”

“The atmosphere is so good”

“Jihyo’s face looks great in pictorials. Her features are big and cool”

“Jeongyeon is a model material”

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