FENDI Model Bae Suzy vs. DIOR Model Bae Suzy, Knetz React

Bae Suzy always impresses with her beauty.

On a popular Korean site, Knetizens talked about Suzy modeling for luxurious brand Fendi and Dior. Check out their comments below and found out which brand suits her the most!

FENDI (Past Photos)


“Fendi is more adorable”

“They’re both so pretty, but I prefer Fendi more”

“I can’t pick one. Everything’s pretty.Suzy is so pretty”

“Fendi is a perfect fit”

“I was surprised to see so many comments. I think Dior suit her you better”

“Suzy did a great job, but I like Fendi Suzy better”

“Fendi’s clothes are really pretty”

“I can’t really pick it”

“I thought it would be Dior, but the Fendi styling is good too”

“Fendi looks better and looks pretty, but the Dior brand is really good”

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