Knetizens Are Going Crazy Over TWICE Sana’s ‘MORE & MORE’ Fancam

TWICE‘s Sana captivates fans with her beauty.

On June 6, M2 posted on its youtube channel Sana’s ‘MORE & MORE’ fancam. In the video, the singer impressed with her long orange hair, charismatic dance moves and impressive facial expressions.

Knetizens loved every moment of the video, leaving many comments about her performance. Check out some GIFs and the comments below!


“She’s so good at dancing”

“Wow, that’s crazy. That’s all I can say. The hair looks great on her”

“I love you, Sana. You’re so pretty”

You’re so talented and charming”

“She’s so pretty and good. This time, I think Sana is the best”

“She’s a good dancer, she has a pretty line and a good facial expression”

“I think she’s becoming more perfect in every album”

“She’s a great performer. She’s amazing”

“The dance line is so beautiful. She’s dancing so beautifully. She’s got a good look. I love her facial expressions and her eyes”

Source: TheQoo

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