Kang Daniel And His Funny Manager Took Cute Photos Together

Kang Daniel and his manager showed off their cuteness.

On June 6, MBC entertainment posted new pictures on Instagram and Twitter with the caption, ‘Kang Daniel’s healing camp behind, watch it tonight, 10.55pm KST.’ Today, the singer will appear on MBC’s entertainment show “Point of Omniscient Interfere,” to show his daily life with his funny manager Jung Dong Yoon. In the picture, Kang Daniel is posing with his manager, smiling brightly for the camera.

Fans commented, “I’m sobbing cus his smile is so gorgeous,” “Both of you are so cute,” and “I love both of them. The one who makes me smile and the one who always makes our Kang Daniel smile and happy.”

source images: mbcentertain/instagram

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