BTS’ Jungkook Ranked #1 As The Star With “Clear Skin”

BTSJungkook ranked No. 1 as the star with “clear skin”.

From May 25 to 31 on Idol Chart, “Clean, Clear, Confident!” a survey conducted under the theme of ‘A star with clear skin?’ BTS Jungkook topped the list with 19,3173 votes (34%).

Kim Yohan took the second place with 10,387 votes, and Park Wookin ranked third with 9,873 votes. The next stars are: Lee Daehwi (4,846 votes), Yoon Jisung (3,032 votes), Song Hayoung (2,146 votes), Lee Chanwon (1,578 votes), Nayeon (1,511 votes), Jeongyeon (1,510 votes), Hong Ja (1,317 votes).

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