GOT7 Surprises Fans With Jinyoung ‘Hear, Here’ Teaser

GOT7 released a teaser for Jinyoung.

On June 1, GOT7 shared on Instagram a teaser with the caption, “HEAR , HERE.” In the picture, Jinyoung is sleeping lying on his bed. Many people think it’s a new photobook or even Jinyoung’s solo!

Fans commented, “I’m so curious, but whatever it is… SUPPORT” “Photobook. I see you, Jinyoung. I see you,” “Can you please tell us what this Is Admin nim?” “You know I’m buying whatever this is, right?” and “Jinyoung photobook again or Jinyoung solo?”

source image: GOT7Official/twitter

Stay tuned for more updates!

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