GOT7 “Hard Carry” Music Video Hits 100 Million Views On Youtube

GOT7Hard Carry” MV hits 100 million views on Youtube.

On May 31, GOT7 “Hard Carry” music video reached 100 million views and 1,6 million likes on Youtube. GOT7 released “Hard Carry” from the second album “Flight Log: Turbulence” back on September 26, 2016. This is the sixth music video to reach 100 million views after “Just Right,” “If You Do,” “Never Ever,” “A,” and “Lullaby.”

Fans commented, “Congratulations GOT7 on 100 million!” “Congrats Ahgases!!! What a team!” and “Finally Aghases!! We did it! I’m so proud of us 🙂 Hard carry –> 100M yes!! Now focus on NBTM.”

Congratulations to GOT7 ♥

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