Music Critics And Foreign Vocal Trainers Praised BTS V’s Voice And Vocals

Music critics and foreign vocal trainers praised BTS V‘s voice and vocals.

With his vocal range, V shows off his amazing skills from soft low notes to high notes with falsetto. In particular, his deep voice has the ability to stimulate the emotions of the listeners. Billboard said, “The expressive vocal with a wide range of vocal range and deep voice tones plays a central role in the BTS sound.” Elite Daily also praised V’s low-pitched voice as a key element of BTS’ discography.

Renowned overseas vocal trainer Adam Mishan also praised V’s vocals during BTS’ “Fake Love” review, “If it weren’t for V’s unique tone, it would have been very different from the current song.” “Everyone knows V’s voice right away,” he said. Music critic Kim Youngdae said about V’s self-composed song “Scenery,” “V’s voice conveys the emotions and calmness of the song like the title of the song “Scenery” itself.”

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