GFRIEND’s Yerin Joins The “Thanks To You” Challenge

GFRIEND‘s Yerin joins the “Thanks To You” Challenge.

On May 28, Yerin posted a new photo with the caption, “Everyday, I sincerely thank the medical staff for their hard work in trying to end COVID-19. I hope the day comes when I will be able to off my mask and smile brightly while meeting with Buddy as soon as possible.” In the picture, the singer shows off her lovely beauty wearing a black t-shirt and with her long blonde hair.

Fans left many comments, “Yerin is so cool,” “Yerin looks like a doll,” “Yerin is so beautiful,” “A human doll,” “Gorgeous as usual,” “GFRIEND are the best,” “Blonde Yerin is perfect,” and “You are beautiful I love your hairstyle.”

source image: gfriendofficial/instagram

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