Bae Suzy To Publish Her First Beauty Book ‘Obsession With Suzy’ With Lancôme

Singer and actress Bae Suzy will publish a special beauty book.

Cosmetics brand Lancôme said that they will publish a special beauty book with Suzy. “We are going to publish the brand’s exclusive beauty book ‘OBSESSION WITH SUZY’, which includes Suzy’s bare face, elegance, and chic beauty, which has never been before.” They added, “We tried various concepts during this photoshoot, and we were able to further enhance Suzy’s charm, which is different from before.” 

Suzy said,  “As a woman, I hope to give a little bit of strength and support to the young women in Korea who will start a new journey.” The profit from the sale of the beauty book will be used to donate sanitary pads for low-income female teenagers in Korea. 

Lancôme released a video teaser of the book’s contents on its official YouTube and Facebook.

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