BTS’ Jin Stuns With His Beauty Even After Waking Up

On May 22, BTS’ Jin posted a new selfie on Twitter with the caption, “I slept after eating Jokbal, hehe.” In the picture, the singer looks directly at the camera with his beautiful eyes. In particular, he impresses with his beauty even after waking up.

Fans commented, “How does it feel like to be the worldwide handsome guy?” “Seokjin we miss you,” “Seokjin is art,” “OMG the vocalist of our generation is back,” “Did you hear??? Your post on 20th Apr got 2M likes,” and “Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes“.

In the meantime, Suga has released his new mixtape “D-2” under his pseudonym Agust D. He has also posted the MV for “Daechwita”.

source image: BTS_twt/twitter

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