Kim Yohan Shows Off His Fresh Beauty In Latest Pictorial With Arena Homme

Kim Yohan shows off his lovely charms in a new photoshoot.

On May 20, Arena Homme has released the preview of Kim Yohan’s pictorial. The photos were taken at a surf beach at Yangyang. Amid the cold sea breeze of a spring day, Kim Yohan took part in the pictorial wearing summer outfits. In the pictures, the singer’s bright and fresh beauty attracts attention.

In the interview after the photoshoot, Kim Yohan confessed his enthusiasm and concern for the new variety show he joined, “When I go on stage, I feel alive.” He then recollected his days as an athlete and revealed his responsibility as an idol.

Kim Yohan’s pictorial is available in the June issue of “Arena Homme Plus.”

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