BTS Wants To Give Hope And Consolation In The New Album

BTS gathered for the new album.

On May 11, BTS had a meeting to discuss the concept and message of the new album on YouTube’s official channel ‘BANGTANTV’. Jimin, who said, “I’m the project manager of this new album,” told members, “Please tell me the theme of the album, the style of music you want, and how many songs you would like to do.”

Suga hopes that the album won’t carry the gloomy atmosphere and that he wants to bring metaphorical comfort like the song ‘Spring Day’. Leader RM said, “I want to give the message that people’s lives continue no matter what happens out there.”

Suga explained, “I took out a book yesterday, and there was a small note in the first page. It fell off all of a sudden, and for a moment I spaced out. I hope the keyword (for the new album) will be ‘letter’. I think it would be nice if each song will be a letter.”

Jin said, “What about writing a song about ’empathy’?” Jungkook suggested, “I hope we will have a song that can help everyone relieve stress.”

The members freely shared their opinions about the group songs as well as solo songs. The meeting ended with the recapitulation, “Organize your opinions and give it to Jimin.”

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