Knetizens Surprised By TWICE Nayeon’s Hand Size

TWICE Nayeon‘s hands are very big and her fingers long!

original post: theqoo


1. Oh, I’m surprised

2. Nayeon’s hands are big and pretty

3. Nayeon has big hands and she is so pretty. I think that bigger hands are better than smaller hands 

4. Nayeon is so cute from head to toe. I love her

5. She looks like a fairy. She has big hands, that’s why the dance line is so pretty

6. Nayeon is so nice and her hands are so cool

7. Dahyun is so small

8. She has really beautiful fingers and big hands. She looks so cool and pretty when she dances

9. I really love big and pretty hands. The whole body looks elegant. Her dance moves look pretty

10. Her hands are pretty and look good on her

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