3 JYP Artists That Were Cast In The Toilet

Meet three JYP kpop idols that were cast in the restroom!


Suzy was participating in the Superstar K‘ audition in Gwangjoo, while suddenly she had the urge to use the restroom. She went to the toilet and a JYP female representative came up, asking her how old she was and giving her a name card.


Prior his debut, GOT7’s leader JB dreamed of becoming a professional breakdancer. He was cast by JYP in the restroom, during a competition with his B-Boy crew.


Ryujin was discovered at GOT7’s fanmeet. She was in line for the toilet when a female JYP staff asked about her phone number. She was so cute that Ryujin gave her number without any doubt. Ryujin ended up in a group in the same agency as GOT7, her favorite group!

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