Knetizens Still Talk About Kang Daniel’s First Pitch And His Amazing Beauty

Kang Daniel impressed so much throwing the first pitch back on July 9, 2019, that Knetizens still talk about it! He even topped the list of real-time search words on various portal sites, proving his big popularity.


1. Kang Daniel looks good in his uniform

2. I went there that day and he was cool. The game was fun

3. I saw him in person, and he looked like a big Samoyed

4. He looked so cool that day

5. He’s really good-looking

6. It looks like a movie

7. Great body line

8. He said he never played baseball, and he practiced

9. I thought it was a movie. The baseball uniform looks good on you

10. I’m glad you won that day

Source: theqoo

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