10 Enchanting Kang Daniel’s Ending Fairies During ‘2U’ Promotion!

Kang Daniel’s ending fairies are simply breathtaking. His visual mesmerized during the promotion of ‘Jealous’ and ‘2U’ from his new album ‘CYAN’. Here are 10 GIFs that prove how amazing his ending fairies are, making fans fall in love even more with him.

1. Jealous (MCountdown)

2. 2U (MCountdown)

3. Jealous (Mnet)

4. 2U (Music Bank)

5. 2U (Show Music Core)

6. 2U (Show Music Core)

7. Adulthood (Mnet)

8. 2U (Inkigayo)

9. Jealous (The Show)

10. 2U (Music Bank)

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