Knetizens React To Taeyeon ‘Happy’ Music Video

Taeyeon has released today her new music video for the song ‘Happy‘.

Original post: theqoo


“Oh, you are so lovely. As expected, I like it”

“Taeyeon I wish you happiness”

“The song is really warm and fresh. Let’s always be happy Taeyeon”

“Taeyeon, thank you for singing”

“The music video is pretty and the song is good!”

“I love it, Taeyeon!”

“I love the song. Kim Taeyeon, I wish you only happiness”

“Taeyeon, let’s be happy for a long time”

“The song is really good. I’ve been through a lot of hard work lately, and it makes me feel good”

“Wow, it’s better than I expected. It’s so sentimental”

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