Knetizens Praise OH MY GIRL’s Impressive Beauty

Knetizens impressed by OHMY GIRL’s impressive beauty!

Original post: pann


“Seunghee’s pink hair looks so amazing. So pretty and cute.”

“Yooa blue shadow looks good on you”


“They are so beautiful”

“Yooa medium hair looks good on you and Mimi blue eyeshadow too”

“I was really shocked when Arin had her bangs pulled back. She looks so innocent and pretty. I’m a little sad that I cut my hair short to shoot a web drama, but I like it because it’s fresh and cute for this song”

“Arin is so pretty these days”

“Seunghee’s pink hair is so pretty and cute”

“Mimi…You look great with purple hair and bangs”

“Is Jiho a goddess?”

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