10 Times BTS’ Taehyung Looked Super Attractive In A Suit

1. Showing off his hot visuals with a grey sparkling suit at BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul

2. Looking chic with a grey suit for “The Fact Music Awards”

3. Black suit and white turtleneck for “BTS Comeback Special: We Purple You”

4. Looking hot in a black suit and tie at ‘Variety’ Event

5. Wearing a red suit for MAMA 2018

6. Blonde Taehyung in golden suit… simply wow!

7. A black suit and a sparkling blouse adorned with a bandana

8. Curly hair and white suit at Jingle Ball 2019

9. White suit, lace, and jewelry for Dionysus comeback stage

10. Silky suit at Billboard Music Awards

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Which one is your favorite suit?

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