Netizens Can’t Stop To Praise BTS V’s Curly Hair And Mesmerizing Visuals In Latest FILA Korea Photoshoot

Taehyung‘s visual attracts all attention.

On April 24, Fila Korea posted new photos taken with Taehyung on their Instagram profile along with the caption, “Sweet summer escape, FILA PARADISE.”

In the pictures, Taehyung wears a green t-shirt and white pants for the recent FILA photoshoot. He quickly attracted all eyes with his curly hair, clean visual, and healthy flawless beauty.

Netizens commented, “So handsome, best model for all ads,” “Our purple boy,” “His curly hair omg he’s really so gorgeous!” and “The most handsome man in the world Kim Taehyung.

Source images: fila_korea/instagram

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