Kang Daniel Enchants In The Teaser Video For Grazia Korea

Kang Daniel flaunts perfect beauty.

On April 25, Grazia Korea has released a video teaser featuring Kang Daniel on Instagram with the caption, “25 years old Daniel. What Daniel thinks lately, what does he want to tell to himself and fans? We focused on his voice. Let us share one oh his messages: SEIZE OF THE DAY. Please wait for Kang Daniel #GraziaCommentary for tomorrow at this time.”

Fans commented, “Wow Kang Daniel,” “Thank you so much!!! I’m so curious,” and “Kang Daniel is so cool.”

Check out the video below:

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#그라치아코멘터리 <SEIZE THE DAY> 25살의 다니엘. 다니엘은 요즘 무슨 생각을 하는지, 나 자신에게 그리고 팬들에게 어떤 이야기를 전하고 싶은지, 그의 목소리에 집중했습니다. 그가 남긴 메세지 중 한 마디를 공개할게요. 그의 목소리를 담은 '그라치아코멘터리' #강다니엘 편, 내일 이 시간을 기다려주세요! #editor_LAR

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