X1’s Kim Yohan Looks Cute And Handsome In A Pictorial With 10STAR

On April 24, 10Star Magazine has released a pictorial taken with Kim Yohan. In the pictures, the singer poses wearing different kind of clothes, showing off his cute and fierce charms.

During the interview, he talked about his donation of 10 million won to prevent the spread of coronavirus, “I don’t spend wastefully, I spend when I need to. I don’t practice Dutch-pay even when I have meals with my friends. Especially with the current situation, I donated as much as I could.”

He also talked about his childhood, when he dreamed of becoming a taekwondo national representative. He said, “Thanks to my father that is a coach, I naturally started practicing taekwondo and started my career in the first grade of elementary school. I’ve been offered casting offers from several entertainment agencies since I was a sophomore in high school, but I only focused on taekwondo to enter college as a scholarship student,” he said.

Then, he suddenly met his current agency and dreamed of becoming an idol. The Taekwondo boy, who only knew about Taekwondo, had to learn both singing and dancing from the beginning. “The world wasn’t easy,” he said with a smile. “When I said I would become an idol, people around me were negative, but I thought I could do anything.”

Source: (1)Source images: 10Star

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