Girls’ Generation Seohyun Wows Wearing A Red Dress For Latest Photoshoot With Esquire

Seohyun flaunts her perfect visual.

On April 22, Esquire has released a new photoshoot taken with Seohyun. In the pictures, the actress showed off her charms wearing different kind of dresses, posing with confidence for the camera.

In the interview after the photoshoot, she said, “I believe in myself now. In the past, when I did musicals, concerts, and I did about ten things at the same time, I repeated to myself ‘I can do this, too. I can do that, too.’ I’ve been hypnotizing myself but now I know that is not true. When I look back, I feel sorry for myself, I was too harsh.”

Besides, Seohyun’s new drama “Private life” will be broadcast in the second half of 2020.

Enjoy the pictures below:

Source: Esquire

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