BTS Namjoon Complains About His Recent Weight Gain On Weverse

On April 21, BTS Namjoon talked about his weight in a new post on Weverse. He said, “I’m 74 kg. Fasting after 6 o clock, let’s do this. I even exercise 5 times a week but why does this happen?? Well I’m going to eat Pyongyang-style cold noodles before and I’ll think about it then.

Fans instead think his weight is good considering how tall he is, “Healthy weight for his height!” “74kg with heigh 181cm, it’s still tiny. Dont worry too much joonie, just eat well and keep working out,” “Namjoon I’m incredibly happy your 74kg. It’s a normal healthy weight for your height!” and “It’s muscle, Namjoon. muscle. you’re a healthy weight, my dear.”

What do you think about his words?

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