7 Kpop Girls That Look Like Real Life Disney Princesses

Red Velvet’s Joy – Ariel

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin – Princess Merida

TWICE’s Jihyo – Vanellope Von Schweetz

Red Velvet’s Irene – Snow White

BLACKPINK’s Rosé – Rapunzel

SNSD’s Taeyeon – Elsa

TWICE’s Nayeon – Anna

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“In this picture Joy really looks like a mermaid”

“Whenever I see Taeyeon, I thought of Cinderella rather than Elsa. Doesn’t she looks like Cinderella?”

“Merida and Soojin look good together, but Yuqi will look good too!!”

“They’re all perfect”

“Rosé looks like a real princess”

“Joy is so pretty”

“Tinkerbell Taeyeon”

“Here she really looks like Snow White”

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