GOT7 Blessed Everyone’s Ears With ‘DYE’ Album Spoiler

On April 16, GOT7 has released ‘DYE’ album spoiler which features the title track “Not by the Moon,” scheduled to be released on April 20th.

‘DYE’ features ten songs and all the boys participated in the creation of the album, while J.Y.Park wrote and composed the title track ‘Not By The Moon.’ Fans will be able to get (CD only) concert songs ‘Ride’ ‘Gravity,’ ‘God Has Return + Mañana’ and ‘JY&YG dance.’

Fans commented, “I love all songs,” “I’m crying, you are so perfect, Album is so perfect too. Soty is coming, i know soty is yours.” and “The title track with Jackson being being vocal is literally a perfection.”

Enjoy the video below:

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