GOT7’s JB Talked About His Love For Books In ‘EveryDateWithJB’

On April 15, JB talked about his love for books in a new V Live. He went to a manhwa cafe to show fans his favourite books. They are five in total: “We love the atmosphere” by Oh Eun, “Les Loyautés” by Delphine de Vigan, “Grey People” by Kim Dong Sik, “Beef Bone Soup” by Kim Yeong Tak and “Above Clear” by Kang Jun Seo.

He explained that he wants to try reading poem collections by international authors as he has only read korean until now. “Reading, not just poem collections, makes me think very much! Reading books helps in many ways” he said.

EveryDateWithJB ended with over 820K viewers and 110 million hearts!

Enjoy the live below:

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