GOT7 ‘Lullaby’ MV Reaches 100 Million Views On Youtube

On April 10, Got7Lullaby‘ music video hits 100 million views and almost 2 million likes on YouTube!

GOT7 released ‘Lullaby’ from the album “Present: You” back in September 17, 2018 and it’s GOT7’s 5th music video to reach 100 million views!

Fans left many comments, “We reached 100m Ahgase!! Let’s not stop here n keep spinning! Wohoo Stay healthy while waiting for the comeback,” “Congratulations to 100M !!!! Love you so much. 💚 I will support GOT7 forever,” and “So now we have another mission ahgases ! PLEASE GO TO YCMN ALSO HARD CARRY ! LETS GET IT.”

Watch the MV again below:

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