Kang Daniel Ranked #1 As ‘The Star Who Looks Good In Jeans With Natural Proportions’

Kang Daniel was selected as ‘The star who looks good in jeans with natural proportions.’

Kang Daniel ranked first with 36,241 votes, about 65 percent of the total 55,489 votes cast. BTS’ J-Hope took the second place with 9,825 votes.

Followed by Kim Nahee (2520 votes), Suzy (1262 votes), Park Ji-hoon (1141 votes), Chunga (1108 votes), Jang Gyuri (1006 votes), TWICE Sana (864 votes), Seolhyun (575 votes), SF9 Rowoon (479 votes), BLACKPINK Jisoo (233 votes) etc..

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