Bae Suzy Ranked #4 As ‘The Star Who Looks Good In Jeans With Natural Proportions’

Bae Suzy ranked #4 as ‘The star who looks good in jeans with natural proportions.’

The singer and actress ranked fourth with 1,262 votes, while Kang Daniel ranked first with 36,241 votes. BTS’ J-Hope took the second place with 9,825 votes.

Followed by Kim Nahee (2520 votes), Suzy (1262 votes), Park Ji-hoon (1141 votes), Chunga (1108 votes), Jang Gyuri (1006 votes), TWICE Sana (864 votes), Seolhyun (575 votes), SF9 Rowoon (479 votes), BLACKPINK Jisoo (233 votes) etc..

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