Knetizens Think Busters’ New Member Looks Too Much Young

Minji is the new member of Busters. She was born in Yongin, South Korea and she is a 2006 liner.

She was revealed as a new member of Busters on March 16th.

Original Post: TheQoo


“She looks younger than 15”

“She looks like IZ*ONE Hitomi. “

“Are you an elementary school student?”

“She is in middle school, but she looks like an elementary school kid”

“I think it’s because her face looks so young…”

“It’s not about age. She’s got a baby face”

“She is not an idol. She is just a baby.”

“She looked really young in the video”

“She’s the same age as when Wonyoung debuted two years ago”

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