TWICE’s Tzuyu Shares Her Pure And Innocent Beauty In Latest Instagram Update

Tzuyu posted new selfies on TWICE’s Instagram profile today along with the caption, “Hi ONCE. How are you doing? I have been eating and sleeping well 💗 And also, my good friend elkie covered IU sunbae ‘Give You My Heart’. ONCE if you have time go listen to it 💗”

In the released photo, Tzuyu showed off her bare face, looking gorgeous and perfect without makeup and smiling brightly at the camera.

Fans left many comments, “Tzuyu have daaa bangs,” “Oh my God you are so pretty,” “Tzuyu and Elkie forever♥️” and “I’ll watch elkie’s cover !!! youre so supportive.

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원스 안녕 잘 지내고 있죠?? 전 요즘 너무 잘 먹고 잘 자고 있어요💗 그리고 친구 엘키가 아이유 선배님의 ‘’마음을 드려요’’를 커버했어요. 원스도 시간 있으면 한번 들어보세요💗 哈囉ONCE 你們過得好嗎~? 最近我吃的好也睡的很好❣️ 還有,我的好朋友Elkie翻唱了IU前輩的Give You My Heart Once也去聽聽看吧!

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