TWICE’s Sana Shows Off Her Outstanding Visual In Solo Photoshoot With 1st Look Magazine

Sana posed for her first solo photoshoot!

On April 2, 1st Look Magazine released Sana’s first photoshoot and interview. In the photos, Sana showed off various charms, looking lovely and innocent at the same time, attracting people’s attention.

In the interview after the photoshoot, Sana said, “I felt a little empty and awkward because I am always with the members, but I had a lot of fun. I like to shoot pictorials, so I thought I’d like to do it alone one day.

About the cancellation of TWICELIGHTS in Seoul Finale she said, “It’s hard to describe. This concert in Seoul was a meaningful event to wrap up the year-long tour. On the day of the concert, I took a picture with the members and posted it on social media. I’m so sorry and sad. I was really thankful that the fans that comforted us and I sincerely hope everyone stays healthy.”

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