Gugudan’s Sejeong And ASTRO’s Eunwoo Take Cute Selcas Together

On April 1, Sejeong posted new photos on her personal Instagram profile along with the caption, “I met Lee Dongmin (Cha Eunwoo’s real name) on M!Countdown. He told me to wave hands for AROHA. True love from / to fans, Mister Face Genius >>

In the pictures, Sejeong and Eunwoo smiles brightly for the camera at MCountdown waiting room.

Fans commented, “I love you so much unni Sejeong,” “You look so pretty,” “Woahhhh eunwoo sejeong,” and “Wowz wow wow that’s my boy but i like this relationship.” hehehe

Enjoy the pictures below:

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엠카 때 만난 이동민 아로하 손짓해달라는 진정한 팬 사랑 얼굴 천재씨

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