Knetz Impressed By How Oh My Girl’s Yooa Looks Like In Real Life

Oh My Girl’s Yooa in real life:

These are pictures that Seunghee took a while ago.
How small is her face? Her face is full of features..

Original post: Instiz


“She has a really small face”

“She is so pretty. She really looks like a doll”

“Her eyes are really big and she looks like a doll”

“Woah, isn’t it crazy?”

“Is the head size and neck length real?”

“I saw her in person. Even her eyelashes are like a doll2

“Her face is so small and her neck is so long. She is so pretty”

“The last picture is so pretty”

“She looks like a ball-jointed doll. How can she be so full of features?

“I don’t think she’s human… She’s like a fairy or a doll” 

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