Knetz Shocked At The scale Of Red Velvet Irene’s Chinese ADS For Her Birthday

Irene’s ads for her birthday are way bigger compared to other female idols. Take a look below:

1. LED Display

2. Bus ads

3. Incheon Airport ads

4. Instagram ads

5. Ads in all the Olive Young stores in Korea

6. Twitter and YouTube ads, KakaoTalk banners

7. A total of 1,072 electronic ads on Seoul Subway Line 1-9

original post: pann


“The scale isn’t big compared to female idols, it’s f*cking huge”

“The advertisement at Incheon Airport is really cool. I am so sad about the timing”

“I love Irene’s birthday ad bus”

“She is very popular in China”

“The airport advertisement is awesome”

“Wow, that’s awesome!

“1,072 electronic ads”

“Chinese fans really spend money well”

“Among Chinese fans, her nickname is fairy”

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