GOT7’s Jinyoung Shows Off His Irresistible Charms In A New Video Released By Vogue Korea

On March 26, W Korea has released Jinyoung‘s beauty film for Tom Ford ‘Shade And Illuminante’ new collection. In the video, Jinyoung catches all attention with his irresistible charms and flawless skin.

Netizens praised his good look, “Breathtaker king! I’m crying,” “Park Jinyoung world domination!” “OMG Jinyoung si so handsome” and “That’s too much for my heart.

Enjoy the video below and write supportive comments:

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톰 포드 뷰티(@tomfordbeauty) 신제품 ‘셰이드 앤 일루미네이트’와 함께한 GOT7 진영, 배우 천우희의 뷰티 필름을 공개합니다🎬 톰 포드만의 럭셔리 스킨케어 포뮬라를 함유한 파운데이션과 쿠션으로 빛과 음영으로 조각한 듯 관능적인 입체 피부를 완성해보세요. – ✔️사용 제품 #천우희 – 0.3 아이보리 실크 #GOT7 #진영 – 1.3 누드 아이보리 – #톰포드뷰티 #톰포드 #TFFACE #TOMFORDBEAUTY #톰포드파운데이션 #톰포드쿠션 #입체윤곽파데 #SHADEANDILLUMINATE

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