Knetizens Shocked At Expensive Gifts That Miyawaki Sakura Received For Her Birthday

Miyawaki Sakura’s gifts from chinese fans:

40 Bulgari limited edition bags + Chanel bags+ Hermes bag + Dior bag custom + Burberry bag custom + 24 million Won Chopard diamond watch

Advertising in Nantong City building in Jiangsu Province, China 


Advertising at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1

69 places in Gangnam-gu + 28 places Mapo-gu GS25 LED ads

Samsung Station 4M Billboard Advertisement 

Hongdae Station + Gongdeok Station + Incheon Airport Station + Seoul Station + DMC Station Advertisement

Yeouido IFC shopping center screen advertisement 

Q! what opening + tik tok + kakao talk app banner ads 

Gangnam-gu Office Station No. 1 Pillar + Konkuk University Station Display Board + Konkuk University Station LED sign

Source: The Qoo

Netizens’ reactions:

“Everything looks pretty”

“Bulgari bag is beautiful”

“She must be very popular in China”

“I heard that the Chinese fandom is big”

“I want to be an idol”

“The watch is so pretty”

“That’s awesome. I’m jealous”

” Hermes bag is pretty … and the diamond clock too”

“Bvlgari and Chanel bags are so pretty”

“I’m speachless. That’s amazing”

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