TWICE’s Tzuyu Looks Cute And Lovely Without MakeUp In Her New Instagram Post

On March 15, Tzuyu posted new pictures on TWICE’s Instagram profile along with the caption, “I ate well, although I didn’t cook it. ONCE, you are all doing well, right?? I hope we can meet soon TT

In the pictures, the singer looks amazing without makeup while holding her cute puppy ‘Gucci’.

Netizens commented, “Stay safe Tzuyu,” “I miss you Tzuyu, stay safe and healthy” and “I hope you are alrigght and I’m so happy to see you eat a lot! Take care.”

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잘 먹었다😚 제가 만든거 아니지만 원스는 다 잘 지내고 있죠?? 빨리 만날 수 있었으면 좋겠어요TT 吃的好開心~🧡 但這不是我做的 Once你們過得還好嗎? 希望能趕快見面呢TT

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